About us


Can you smell it? This is the smell of your brand. The only and unique. Bringing to mind your successes. Fruitful collaborations. Inspiring moments. Smiles on the faces of your employees.


We are called Beauty More. We are there to help you create a fragrance and encapsulate it in a small bottle, and then to share it with others. We will produce original perfumes under private label, that is signed with own company. You will have another product in your offer, one that will  gain recognition in the eyes of the customers and may possibly become the bestselling flagship of the brand no lesser than Calvin Klein’s Euphoria.


With us you can rest easy. We have been in the market already since 1997, and we are heard, seen (and above all smelled) even abroad. Your perfumes are our responsibility, and the trust you will bestow upon us we will treat as an essential asset in creating our mutual relation.


We will be happy to assist you in making this decision. Write or call and we will give you all the details that interest you.


The Beauty More Team