Do you work with the production and distribution of odoriferous components, pheromones, vials or caps? Do you think you are good in this field?


Great. We are immensely willing to establish collaboration with both beginner companies and those that have been present in the trade for years. There is but one condition: your products must be of perfect quality. For our customers, we create perfumes that cannot be forgotten. Make sure that we do not forget you.


Enough of those requirements. What can we in turn offer you?


  • New experiences that edify your knowledge, stimulate to action, engage you in every project;
  • Precious business contacts. Who knows, they might be useful in the least expected moment in the future;
  • Promotion of your activity. If you are a new entrepreneur you will spread your wings together with us. If you have had a firm for a long time – you will show your customers that you are still active and open to new challenges…
  • …and all of this in the company of an establishment with over a dozen years’ experience, firmly established in the domestic and foreign markets. So you take no risks and our collaboration is fully secure.




Call, write, make an appointment with us. We will get to know each other better, we will present our expectations and have a brainstorming session. Without any commitment or unnecessary stress. You are welcome!